Jazz Sites

Australian Jazz Museum - formerly known as the Victorian Jazz Archive -
preserving the rich heritage of Jazz in Australia.

Eddie Daniels - Clarinet virtuoso.

Dizzy's Jazz Club - Melbourne's premier Jazz venue.

Andrew Firth - Clarinettist [and saxophonist] extroadinaire!

Buddy De Franco - The master of modern clarinet players.

Russ & Gina Garcia - A starting point for info on one of the greatest arrangers
in Jazz, Symphony and film.

Benny Goodman 1 - The 'King of Swing'?

Benny Goodman Official site - Clarinet.

Ernie Gruner - Brilliant violinist leader of bands 'Jugularity', 'Klezmeritis' and others.

Glen Miller Band - good information on the original band.

James Morrison - The incredible, amazing, stupendous James.

The John Morrison Big Band - Sydney based Swing Band.

Charlie Parker - for me, the most swinging & innovative musician since Mozart!

Oscar Peterson - King of piano players!

Jaz Stutley - Red Hot singer with the "Frilly Knickers"

Tony Scott - Clarinet, wikipedia listing.

George Shearing - The Piano Legend.

Bud Shank - Alto Sax and Flute - Wikipedia listing.

Artie Shaw - Official site for the Artie Shaw Orchestra now led by Matt Koza.

Clark Terry - Trumpet supremo.

Tetsuya Tatsumi - the FaceBook site of star trumpet man in Japan.

Peninsula Jazz Club - promoting Jazz since 1978.

Victorian Jazz Club - keeping feet tapping since 1968.
Mike was the Editor of the Clubs magazine JAZZLINE for 4 years to 2012.


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Singers of Note

Shirley Bassey - the sassy Miss - Wikipedia site

Natalie Cole - Natalie's official website.

Nat King Cole - the pianist and singer of our time.

Ella Fitzgerald - the official website for Ella.

Billy Holiday - official site of the wonderful Lady Day.

The JASSisters - The Let's Dance Big Band's gorgeous Vocal Trio.

Louis Prima - the Official Site, Mrs Gia Prima's wonderful documentation of Louis life.

Frank Sinatra - the official site.

Interest Sites

ABC Radio and TV  &  SBS Radio and TV

The Astor Theatre - the most entertaining cinema in Melbourne with the best choc tops!

Australian Nature Live - One of the most informative sites on the web - from Snake bite to GM seeds to War & Peace 

Clasax - the home of Victoria's clarinet and saxophone society.

Electrical Trade Union [Vic] - Mike's trade is an Electrician and he has been a
member of the ETU all his working life.

Flute Guild/ the Victorian - home of the Victorian flute enthusiasts.

A "Gorgeous" Rock & Roll and Lindy Hop site

Friends Of The Earth - Help us save the planet.

The Goon Show - a good starting point for links to Goon sites.

The Marngrook Footy Show - THE best Footy Show on the telly, on NITV [SBS 34] - all about the greatest football game! 

Parkers Place - Jeff Parkers Californian Radio site with a lot of good links.

JiveSwing- Jive & Swing dancing in the UK.

Swingdance lessons - Dance with Debbie, the best value lessons in Melbourne.

Swing Patrol - Swing Dance Tuition & Functions.

Vic Rock - News & views from the Rock n Roll, Jive and Swing dance scene.

Sibelius - a very good notation program that Mike uses.

Vertue Yachts - the web-site of the Vertue Owners Association,
Mike sailed the Pacific in the 1970's in "Austral Vertue" .

Murrumbeena State School - Mike's Primary school, still going strong.

Oakleigh Technical School Society - a Facebook site run by past students
of Mike's secondary school, sadly wiped out by an inept Government.

Yanagisawa saxophones - Mike plays the S992, A992 and T992 soprano, alto and tenor Yanagisawa saxes,
one of the best saxophone makers in the world.


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Jazz and Big Band Music On Melbourne Radio
[Click on Radio Station title to go to their WebSite]

And please notify us if you know of other programs.

PBS  106.7 FM
JAZZ ON SATURDAY  Saturday 9 to 11am with David Shields
FIESTA JAZZ  Saturday 11am to 1pm with Saul Zavarce
ROOTS OF RHYTHM  Wednesday 9 to 11am with Helen Jennings
Best to check out their website to find music to your liking - there are many varied styles of music in their programming.

JAZZ UP LATE  Friday 10:30pm to 12:30am with Gerry Koster
JAZZTRACK  Saturdays and Sundays from 5 to 7pm with Mal Stanley, all that is left of a once fantastic programming of Jazz on the ABC

The ABC's Internet Radio Station  Playing 24hrs of Jazz each day - click on the heading to go to the site.

COMMUNITY RADIO 3CR  855 on the AM band
SWING 'N' SWAY  Saturdays 2:00 to 3:00pm presented by various record buffs and Band leaders including Mike McKeon.
However be warned that this program is followed by STEAM RADIO  3:00 to 4:00pm presented by Anita Harris, Tim Harding and others.
JAZZ ON SATURDAY  Saturday 4 to 5:30pm with either Roger Beilby, John Trudinger, Geoff Tobin or John Smyth for the Victorian Jazz Club.

TAKE ME TO THE LAND OF JAZZ  Wednesdays Noon to 2pm with Bill Livingstone & friends

THANKS FOR THE MEMORY  Wednesday 9am to 11 with Alex Herr
SWING TIME  Thursday 6 to 7pm with Rolly Hill
SOUNDS OF JAZZ  Saturday 10:00pm to Midnight with Barry Skinner.

3 INR 96.5 FM
MAINLY TRAD  Tuesday 2pm to 4pm with Bill Gostray and Fred Lenne or Ian Smith
JAZZ AT NINE  Wednesday 9pm to 10pm with John Crichton
SWINGTIME  Sunday 9pm to 10pm with Terry Hillgrove

3 MBS 103.5 FM
JAZZ RIVERS  Tuesday 10pm to midnight with Martin Leslie
COLOURS OF JAZZ  Friday 10pm to midnight with Larry Groves
NIGHT TRAM  Saturday Midnight to 2am [Sunday morning] with Garry Edwards

3 RPP - PENNINSULA RADIO 98.7 FM and 98.3 FM
WORLD OF CLASSIC JAZZ  Tuesday 9 to 11pm with Peter Wright
MOSTLY JAZZ  Wednesday 7:00 to 9:00pm with Ravi
JAZZ NIGHT TRAIN  Wednesday 10pm to Midnite with Don Smith
NEW YORK JAZZ  Friday 1 to 3pm
JAZZ TIME  Saturday 12 noon to 2pm with Graeme Kniese or Barry Wightman

A JAZZ TART SWINGS  Tuesday 9:00 to 10:00am with the Marg Hendrie of the VJC.
SWING RADIO  Sunday 10:00am to Noon with Jack Horner.


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